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10 fashionable ways to give old jeans a second life

If you are tired of old blue (blue, white, black) jeans, and throwing them away doesn’t raise your hand, you might be interested in original ways of resuscitation. For most ideas, you only need old jeans, fabric paint and a drop of inspiration! Wide jeans with a pattern of "polka dots" All you need is a cork from wine and paint on the fabric.
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Bright and original boho shoes: 20 interesting models

Frankly, I really love shoes. Even just looking at her I like, like looking at people and looking in combination with the image. Shoes - a very talking detail, and can tell a lot about their owner. About his taste, character, lifestyle. What could be more beautiful than shoes? Of course boho shoes!
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Learn embroidery on a simple sewing machine

You can embroider on any straight-line sewing machine, in which you can adjust the tension of the upper and lower threads. The most comfortable ones are foot-central bobbin sewing machines, which both embroidery hands free for work. You can use old cars that you got from grandmothers and great-grandmothers.
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8 recipes for the most delicious dough. Paradise for baking lovers!

What could be better than home baking? Even those who try not to eat flour will not refuse products baked at home. Here are 8 simple recipes to help you bake the most delicious cooking masterpieces with ease. Use these recipes and boldly cook. Even if you didn’t manage to make a good dough before, you can do everything with these recipes, as the matter is in properly selected proportions.
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Cushion bed for animals: master classes and patterns

We decided to show you a master class on the creation of the most beloved cat-dog object - you will find a cushion for animals. For it you will need soft materials, which will comfortably sleep your pet, as well as filler (synthetic winterizer). There will be both ideas of color combinations and patterns of accessories for animals.
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