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Three secrets for sewing: hem, folds, dyeing

1. A convenient way to hem. How to achieve a smooth hemming of products? Very simple! You can make blanks yourself, or you can use a sample - for a direct hem! You just have to print and use in sewing! How to make using stencils the same and smooth patch pockets. With their help, cutting a flat pocket is not a problem.
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The master

And again I am in the ranks of the hands. How I washed down the bed

I haven't shown anything from my own for a long time, and just then a couple of photos have gathered and why not share it. Photos will be 10-11 and a bit of text. Well, the standard: for the quality of the photos do not judge too hard - photographed on a circular. In short, the preamble: My faithful dragged me over to the shops with furniture, something for the farm to keep an eye on, take my own soul and shake my sin.
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Design and Architecture

The student has developed a new design of the crane, which saves water, turning the stream into a beautiful pattern

Simin Qiu, a design student at London's Royal College of Art, created a revolutionary new faucet that not only looks gorgeous, but also saves water, turning a stream of water into an elegantly twisted spiral. The secret of the construction work is that the flow of water, passing between a double turbine, splits into streams, which then twist into elegant spirals, creating a sophisticated and beautiful water grid at the outlet.
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3 steps to long service dishwasher

We buy a new dishwasher, sometimes without knowing that there are certain nuances associated with its operation. But it is compliance with the rules and knowledge of the characteristics of the use will help keep the expensive purchase in working condition for many years. Rule one: we use only special means. Ordinary dishwashing liquid or soap is not suitable: they form an excess of foam, which leads to moisture ingress to electronic components, for example, the control module, and failure of the unit.
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"And what are you doing all day?" - Mom-Housewife's Answer Made Her a Celebrity!

The charter constantly to hear the same phrase: "And what do you do all day?" Florida tattoo artist Richelle Castleberry decided to write a post on behalf of all the housewives moms. And he blew the net. Her strong answer to this question was noted by more than 640 thousand likes and more than 300 thousand reposts. Everyone should read this in order to truly appreciate the incredible sacrifices that mothers make for children.
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Advice of a doctor who has lived 105 years

Shigeaki Hinohara died July 18, 2017 at the age of 105 years. The blessed memory of this outstanding man, who surprised the world with his efficiency and incredible attitude to life. Dr. Hinohara’s magical touch was known throughout the world. He healed the sick since 1941, and continued his medical practice even after his age had exceeded the centenary.
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