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12 spa treatments you can do at home


Every person deserves at least one day a week in which he can pamper himself. To save time and money, why not try a few spa treatments at home? There are many relaxing and rejuvenating techniques that can be done using products that everyone has at home.

From massage to scrubs and face masks, these procedures will make you well-groomed from head to toe.

1. Head massage

A long head massage will give a pleasant feeling throughout the body. On the Internet you will find many techniques, using which you will get unforgettable pleasure.

2. Aromatherapy

One of the most popular procedures for any spa treatment is aromatherapy. No matter what you prefer: candles, incense or heated oils, it is very important to relax with aromatherapy at home.

You can purchase aroma lamps and candles with your favorite fragrances. It will give vigor for a long time.

3. Face masks

Facial masks are the easiest spa treatments. They need to be done regularly. Use everything you find in the fridge.: yogurt, cucumbers, kefir, eggs, etc. Masks will make the face moist, radiant, silky. Use this procedure when you notice that the face looks a bit tired, dry and uneven.

4. Body Scrub

You do not need to go to Morocco to visit the Hammam! A home scrub exfoliates dead skin cells. After using the scrub, you will get moisturized and renewed skin.

5. Hair mask

If you regularly use hair dryers and curlers, then, of course, you should do homemade hair masks. Hair mask will make hair clean, moist and healthy. Hair mask can also be made from what is in the refrigerator.

6. Massage with a dry brush

A dry brush massage has a lot of advantages. Using a bamboo brush, you will help the skin to relax, clean the pores, activate the lymphatic system and reduce cellulite. Having tried this procedure at least once, you will do it as often as you can.

7. Steam baths for the face

No need to go to the sauna to clean the pores. You can easily do this at home. Just collect the hair in a bun and put your face above the pot of boiling water. Steam your face for about 15 minutes. For greater effect, cover your head with a towel. If you want, drop a couple of drops of essential oil into the water.

8. Epilation

If you feel brave enough, you should practice waxing with waxing. Do not worry, soon you will get used to the momentary pain. Use skin softeners to reduce pain. After this procedure, you will enjoy a smooth skin for a couple of weeks.

9. Micro acupuncture

At first, micro-acupuncture may scare you. However, this treatment is not as painful and scary as it seems. The dermaroller causes microscopic damage to the skin, that is, invisible punctures on the upper layer of the epidermis. These tiny injuries stimulate the healing process of the skin.

10. Manicure

No need to visit a beauty salon to get even neat nails. On the money saved better buy tools for home manicure: UV lamp, gel polishes, nail files, etc. Over time, you will learn how to do the perfect manicure, without spending a lot of money and time.

11. Pedicure

Type in a basin of warm water, drip a few drops of essential oil and lower your feet into the water. This is an unforgettable feeling of relaxation. After this, do self-massage of the feet, which will give vigor for the whole day. You can also treat your heels with a special peeling file.

12. Acupuncture treatment

Of course, acupuncture treatment is best left to professionals. However, at home you can use acupressure mats. They do not damage the skin, although they work in the same way as acupuncture, stimulating the right points.