Household tricks for parents and grandparents.

Being a parent is not so easy. But very interesting.
In order that the parental life does not turn into an endless struggle for cleanliness and order, you can use simple techniques that will greatly simplify your life. And do not necessarily run to the store. Your imagination and ingenuity will do their work.

Stickers on the shoes will help teach the child to distinguish the right shoe from the left! And the grandfather is not confused in a hurry ...

Coins on the sole of children's shoes - a great idea! Little dancer will appreciate.

Storing pacifiers in a plastic container is the most hygienic method.

A trap for a cunning and very agile child! Will not go unnoticed.

The best stain remover - dishwashing detergent, peroxide and soda, mixed in equal parts. Even the most problematic spots disappear!

Here in this container you need to carry baby food in the car!

An old bag for a camera with a lot of compartments is an excellent container for transporting children's things. Everything is at hand!

Doll hair will no longer be tangled and will be surprisingly smooth if you apply a little conditioner for laundry dissolved in water.

Plain pillow case - reliable protection against mosquitoes.

Now no one will unwind too much toilet paper!

If entertainment, then only safe!

Hotmelt glue will help make rubber shoes less slippery. Near the pool is especially important!

Bright stickers on the car will help children not to get lost in the parking lot, it is useful to teach them to be close to the car.

Inflatable pool! The child is happy and busy for a long time ... Golden advice to dad of any age.

Organizer in case you need something urgently to take the child. Marker, cardboard, stickers, rhinestones - peace and quiet in line at the children's clinic!

Eraser, which will teach the child to hold the pencil correctly!