37 incredibly creative things that can be made from wine corks

Make coasters for glasses

Decorative 3D letters

Homemade heels.


You can make a picture of traffic jams in the form of state, country


Name Card Holder

You can decorate cheese knives

New bathroom mat

Decorative door wreath

Necklace or barrette

New box handles

Tags for plants

Commemorative key rings

Fill the vases with corks

Stand for hot dishes

Upgrade coffee table

Plant small plants in cork

Make an organizer for jewelry

Clothespin for packages

You can even make an original 3D hack on the wall with an ombre effect.

Make chairs for the garden

Original flash drive

Shabby chic chandelier

Make furniture more sustainable



Decorate cork with sparkles

You can write on the cork interesting information about the bottle in which it was

Charming toys

Tiny Sailors

Needle boxes

Make simple prints

Animal sculpture


Yarn reels