For the House and Cottages

Life hacking for home. Useful tricks for life


Life hacking, they are also useful tips, they are also small tricks that will help keep the house clean and conquer small troubles, thereby making your home more comfortable.

Useful lifehacks for all occasions

We often encounter such a problem when a household item fails. It is necessary to get together, go to the store, spend time searching ... What if you deceive the usual system and use little tricks? We present to you useful lifehacks for all occasions!

Home tricks

1. You can use only one battery in the remote! The second can be replaced by any element that conducts current.

2. Grow onions on the windowsill. For this you need a plastic bottle.

3. How to fold the shirt so that it does not wrinkle? The answer is in the picture!

4. Determine the angle with your fingers.

5. Useful advice that is useful to men. How to tie a tie correctly and quickly? See the picture:

6. Trick for girls. Here's how to paint your nails with varnish.

7. If you need to find a specific color, but it is not at hand, you can mix the available ones.

8. So you can find a dent in the car.

9. Cooking a delicious hamburger, better than at McDonalds

10. Table legs without nails and glue.

11. Can not remove the ring from your finger? Then find the thread!

12. Matching colors in clothing.

13. We make a trap for mosquitoes from improvised means. Actual in the summer.

14. Note how and how much to boil the egg.

15. Visually enlarge the room with wallpaper.

16. How to care for plastic windows so that they serve for a long time.

17. Another method how to get rid of mosquitoes. Cut a lemon and stick a clove into it. This method will protect you from mosquitoes due to the smell.

These are the easy ways that will facilitate your life and help around the house.