15 unexpected dishes that can be cooked in a waffle iron


Waffle iron got its name not by chance, but many mistakenly believe that it can be used exclusively for baking waffles. At the same time, anyone who has ever tried to experiment with this wonderful device knows that it can also make delicious scrambled eggs, brownies, cinnamon buns and much more. We have compiled 14 best recipes for you.

1. Bacon

Yes, you heard right: bacon, roasted in a waffle iron. Are you already drooling?

2. Omelet

As you know, scrambled eggs are the best addition to crispy bacon, and this is one of the most proven recipes for waffle irons. You can also make an omelet from eggs by adding sliced ​​peppers and ham. However, here you are free to choose the ingredients - bacon slices and toasted onions will also work.

3. Egg sandwich

Great option for breakfast. As a basis for a sandwich, the dough for croissants is suitable - it should be baked like a regular waffle. Then we fry eggs, without closing the lid of the waffle iron, so that the yolk remains safe and sound.

4. Brownies

Brownie without baking in the oven? Now it has become a reality! Be sure your children will be crazy about this recipe. In addition, it is much easier option with the oven. In the case of a waffle iron, we recommend making the dough thicker.

5. Cheeseburger

Cheeseburger bun, baked in a waffle iron until crisp - what could be better? Fry the cutlet, too, on an open waffle iron, adding cheese to the meat for a few seconds until cooked. It seems this is a new hit of the season.

6. Pizza in the pocket

Hot pizza mini pizzas will definitely be popular on friendly gatherings as an alternative to barbecue. For their preparation, it is enough to place the pizza filling inside the improvised pockets of ready-made dough, and then bake them in a waffle iron.

7. Hot dogs

We also did not believe our eyes at first. Instead of dough, in this case, a piece of bread wrapped around a sausage and held together with a toothpick will do. So that it does not burn, it is desirable to lubricate it with batter for waffles or pancakes. If desired, sausages can be replaced with cheese or a chop, making yourself an incredibly tasty breakfast!

8. Smur

If you have already begun to think that it is impossible to desire more from a waffle iron, then pay attention to this recipe. Smore is a national American dessert with the addition of marshmallows and chocolate. But if scouts usually cook it over a fire, you can repeat the same trick right in your kitchen.

9. Quesadilla

The tortilla shape is perfect for baking in a waffle iron. Coincidence? We do not think! In addition, this method of cooking will allow you to tightly roll the cake so that the filling does not fall out while eating. And, best of all, such a quesadilla can be made from virtually everything that was found at hand or left after a noisy party.

10. Panini sandwich

This panini is practically no different from the usual, with the exception of rectangular traces from the waffle iron. When making this Italian sandwich, it is recommended to grease the surface of the bread with butter.

11. Cinnamon Rolls

This recipe is gaining more and more popularity, and not only for its simplicity - the waffle maker buns are incredible! Only 3 minutes (as opposed to 15 minutes, necessary for baking buns in the oven), and fragrant spirals are ready!

12. Waffle cookies

For such baking, you need a huge amount of cooking spray and special ready-made dough, so experiment at your own risk.

13. Soft Pretzels

Waffle texture will give them a pretty cute look. By the same principle, bread for sandwiches can be made from the finished dough.

14. Cake "Confetti"

Original waffle cake. For this recipe will fit any mixture for making cakes or muffins.

15. Pasta and cheese

We are ready to argue that you did not expect such a wealth of opportunities from your waffle iron. If so, then quickly get it from the top shelf and start cooking with us!