Grandma decided to teach her grandfather a lesson. But he deceived her earlier!

I remembered this story when I read about how my husband avenged his mischievous wife with ping-pong balls. The story is real. Her colleague told me about it. Once upon a time there lived a grandfather and a woman. Both doctors. Grandfather - a former surgeon, his wife - a former therapist. Grandfather loved to drink. Do surgeons, you know, it's professional. And the woman loved to hand over her grandfather to the sobering-up center.

Well, the bitch is simple: only the grandfather will drink, she immediately to the phone, calls the police and gives up his grandfather. And this is him, a professional surgeon, who has done more than one thousand operations with the same police and those whom she brought to him! And this is his who lives in the country for months, providing the old fool with pickles-jams for a year! In short, once the grandmother once again boiled over. - Why are you, old devil, still not covered the roof in the bath? How much have I told you about this! - So this ... I got the nails ... and now I have to boil them ... - What? Nails ?! Boil ?? !!! - Yes Yes. Didn't you know that? Then they will serve longer - I heard on TV in the program.

- Well, if so ...
Grandma put the pot on the stove, grandfather put nails in there, and he went to the neighbor. To call In a psychiatric. So, they say, and so, my grandmother has long gone mad, but I tolerated, but now I can not. I come home, and she cooks nail soup for me!

At first, they did not believe it, but when the grandfather said that the medic himself and called himself - had arrived. They look - for sure! There are nails in the pan and a grandmother at the stove. Well, they tied her up ... As long as they figured it out, she spent three days there. Treated with sedation. And when I returned, I became like silk ...