Fashion dashing 90s, we dressed as we could


The trends of the 90s definitely entered the history of fashion - “woolen” jeans, multi-colored leggings, a baseball cap with the inscription “USA California”, crazy bouffant, leather miniskirts and rebellious spirit. Today we invite you to remember 13 cool things we wore in the 90s.


Almost every girl had black leggings (even those who were cheated by nature with even legs). And colored (acidic!) Were considered to be truly “squeaking” of fashion - bright yellow, green, red, pink, turquoise ... The brighter the leggings, the more stylish the whole image.


Tracksuits were as popular as leggings. Always and everywhere - the main motto of fashionistas 90s. At that time, the girls wore tracksuits not only in the hall and with a friend to visit, but also in the theater or a disco.

Colored rubber bands

In the 90s, girls wore mostly high hairstyles. A simple and modern image assumed pigtails, which later turned into two high beams. For more fun, these hairstyles are decorated with lots of colored rubber bands.


Sneakers on the platform are popular shoes of the 90s. In such shoes all fashionable women of that time flaunted.


Surely someone left icons from the 90s, which fashionable women liked to attach to any item of clothing, including a bag.

T-shirts "Titanic"

This touching and sad story shocked women so much that T-shirts and tops with the image of the main characters of the film were in almost every wardrobe.


Such a cap perfectly complemented the image from a sports suit or a T-shirt with a Titanic and leggings. And the eagle, depicted on the cap, gave incredible coolness and hooliganism.

Jeans jackets

It was the “golden time” of denim clothes! It was all fashionable from denim - and shorts, and skirts, and shirts ...

Olympic women

When women of fashion bored to go to the disco in tracksuits, they wore olympic sweatshirts and bright leggings.


At the word "purse", many people have a clearly formed image from the distant nineties: a crimson jacket, a gold chain and a purset stuffed to the brim with small bills. All this was a symbol of luxury for thugs who broke into "people."


If now women of fashion pick up bags for shoes, in the 90s young ladies picked up plastic bags to match the color of their leggings :)

Boys sweater

Such a sweater was worn by both boys and girls. They wore a sweater with jeans and a favorite sports suit.

"Malvina" jeans

The symbol of time can be called the famous jeans Mawin ("malvina"), which were cheaper than branded jeans, so they wore everything.

It is now fashionable women have a huge selection: store shelves just bursting with things. And in the nineties to get a fashionable thing was a real success. Therefore you should not laugh at the fashion of the 90s, because this is part of our history!