Successful embodiment of creative talent, which will help to decorate the interior hallway

The rules for organizing order in the house seem obvious. Surely your books are on the shelves, pencils and pens are in the glass, pots of flowers are on the window. And where are your keys stored? Alas, not every home has a permanent place for this meaningful everyday thing. A small decorative sovunya, equipped with key hooks, is a successful embodiment of creative talent that will help to decorate the interior of the hallway.

We found a very interesting master class for creating such an unusual key holder, the author of which is Lily of the Valley Zykov.

Weave to the required diameter.

You need to take a suitable form for weaving a pocket.

We increase the rack for the pocket.

We start to weave with the central rack.

Remove the form.

Finished the bend.

We increase new racks for bending in a circle. And the old short stands are pruned.

Fold the same "rod"

Finished the bend.

Tint bend more dark color.

We make pupils of our owl.

Is done.

We make other blanks.

Weave eyes.

Phased production of hooks. The length of the wire is 15 cm.

All blanks are ready. It remains to collect everything and varnish.

If something remains unclear, you can see in this video:

Some ideas for realization: