40+ photos of ridiculous moments from the life of dogs


If you have a dog, then you probably know that these faithful animals sometimes behave funny and even silly. They can get stuck in the fence boards, tumble in the dirt or somehow even climb a tree. They never cease to amaze us, is not it? Today we want to show you a selection of funny dogs made by loving owners.

1. I forgot what it means to be a dog

2. Seal loose

3. Neighbors have introduced a new dog. It seems she is really crazy about my pug.

4. My golden retriever decided to lie on a fresh-cut lawn and turned into a Hulk.

5. Yesterday our dog finished obedience courses for dogs. And today we found her certificate!

6. Dogs are incredibly graceful!

7. Husky stuck on a coconut tree

8. Another lover to lie on the freshly mowed lawn.

9. Looks like the puppy was very hungry

10. Some dogs love to gnaw bones, and others like rainbows.

11. Clearly not my size!

12. Three degrees of curiosity.

13. A dog that is not in the mood to take a bath

14. He left his husky for just a minute, came back and saw such a picture ...

15. Something I forgot how to play something

16. I just wanted to make a beautiful photo with my pet.

17. And this cute Shiba Inu is stuck in the bushes

18. It seems it was a mistake

19. I think my dog ​​needs an exorcist

20. My dog ​​broke his favorite toy and became a supervillain.

21. Dogs are the most lovely creatures!

22. I could not find my dog ​​for a long time, but it turns out to be on the couch

23. Dozed off in the wrong place

24. My family returned home and found this picture. Apparently the dog just wanted to rest.

25. What have I done ?!

26. Oh, I wish I was sitting at home.

27. We fell asleep while playing with the ball

28. Hid from the "scary monster"

29. And so we play frisbee

30. Oh, you're already at home.

31. How he climbed there, can not even imagine

32. My brother's dog and her new toy

33. A bee has flown into the mouth of my friend's dog, now it looks like Goofy

34. In a predicament

35. Why did I do this?

36. My dog ​​is under electricity

37. Didn't calculate a bit

38. Oh, here you are so slippery!

39. My dog ​​loves to hunt

40. Let's fight!

41. She loves to sleep in my new purse.

42. He is already tired of asking for food from his master.

43. Let's play hide and seek?

44. Not my razmerchik!

45. And here you definitely will not find me!

46. ​​Help me, man! This thing attacked me!

47. I wish I did not drink!

48. Lover of digging in my makeup bag

49 Diverted for a minute, and here it is!

50. Finally, we went for a walk!