25 amazing photos taken without photoshop


Some of these photos seem to be stills from science fiction films, others to pictures of a crazy animator, but they are all real. This selection consists of photos that photoshop did not touch, and that is why they are amazing.

1. This photo looks like a still from a disaster movie.

In fact, this is the usual runway at Leipzig airport, it passes over the autobahn.

2. Waves hitting the shore

3. This is not an alien monster, exciting the Earth.

This is just a bucket of cancer.

4. Consequences of flooding in Ljubljana, Slovenia

5. Photo taken at a very opportune moment.

6. The mountains, illuminated by the bright rays of the morning sun look like a giant explosion.

City Kifira, Greece.

7. Birch leaf in a frozen puddle, Karelia

8. It is not a poisonous gas or an ominous fog.

This two women sew a large fishing net.

9. Countless flocks of fireflies over the River Shimanto, Japan

10. Break dancer in France

He did not break, he is really very flexible.

11. Workers children among fields of dried tomatoes, Manisa, Turkey

12. Sea of ​​stingrays, off the coast of Mexico

13. The shadow of Mount Fuji, which can be as long as 24 kilometers.

14. The very place where the Namib Desert meets the sea

15. It's hard to believe, but this is one photo, without photo-editing, just the right angle

16. Falling snow and rays of light look like an alien invasion.

City Charlotte, USA.

17. Aircraft takeoff shot at long exposure

18. The boat makes its way on the fresh ice.

19. Underwater beauty

20. The dog shakes off

21. The mountains in the background look like huge waves.

22. A flock of birds that rose from the tree

23. This is not a drawing of a fantastic animal.

This is a maned wolf, which actually looks that way.

24. Regular Dog Diving

25. Optical illusion of invisibility