Unusual elements of the decor for the New Year holidays

The author: Julianna Tarasov

The time before the New Year holidays is a wonderful time when you want to gain inspiration, be filled with ideas, remember ideas that have not yet had time to carry out! And with what pleasure and inspiration our children will participate! Where without their boiling energy and impatient waiting for a miracle! I want to share with you the collected ideas of New Year and Christmas gifts, as well as decorative elements for the holidays.

To begin, I suggest to look at the "edible" design. We all know that before Christmas tree decoration for Christmas was just edible. So what can we say is a traditional decoration. We use it to decorate the house, Christmas tree, as well as in addition to the gifts. Where are we without tangerines! 🙂 Let's start with them.

Cinnamon and other spices are very suitable for tangerines.

Spices themselves are very suitable for decoration, again, the aroma will complement the mood.

Turn on the fast and the furious! And the other food that is in the house also turns into a decor.

Gingerbread and gingerbread houses are a wonderful gift and holiday decoration.

Great idea for a country house. Ice decorations. Good climate allows.

Quite a simple but effective way with which you can make different shapes. They turn out air, translucent and easy. The application is different. It may be balls on the Christmas tree, Christmas tree lamps, they can be collected in a garland, make snowmen.

These balls are made on the tangle principle. From the tangles are also obtained cute Christmas decorations. Suitable for lovers of knitting.

Those who are really keen on knitting can decorate their holidays with such things:

Knitting is quite a winter look of needlework. Cozy knitted things are appropriate in a festive interior. We can also say about felting. Small felted souvenirs, balls, even beginners can make.

No less traditional is the manufacture of Christmas decorations made of paper and cotton wool. To make them you can easily attract children. I want to present some simple, but, in my opinion, effective ways to apply them.

Foam balls and cotton swabs are used here.

On this, perhaps, I will stop. Much more can be thought out, from what and how to decorate our favorite holidays. There is still time to choose, invent and implement our plans. Preparing for the holidays is not less joyful time than the holidays themselves! I wish you many happy moments and interesting ideas in the holiday creation!