Cats who do everything to distract the owner from work

Cats should always be the center of attention. And if not all, then at least his master. And most of all they need us exactly when we are very busy with work or other important things. Nothing could be more important than these fluffy paws and pink noses! And for those who disagree, baleen and striped have special measures.

Why look at this glowing screen when there is a lump of fluffy wool glowing with tenderness and caress nearby? The choice is obvious!

Between the passion for boxes and the passion to stop the owner from working, the first one this time won. And the cat and the owner are happy.

Some seem to attach too much importance to academic education. Real life, it is completely different!

Awesome toy that you can nibble and push with your paw, for some reason, is used by the owner in a completely different way. They are strange, these people ...

Fluffy consultant is ready to make his own changes in the abstract. And they will definitely be very cute.

Great toy with buttons. But the screen seems to distract the hostess all the time. Well, there is someone to help!

The owner forbids walking on the table? But no one forbids sitting under it. And if you notice - this is only for the better!

What an unusual gadget! Apparently, this is a device for dealing with stress, and it is very effective.

The very best "program" anti-spam! That's just from the usual mail, too, can "save."

If the owner does not know how to rest and relax, the cat will have to do it for two. He's doing great.

Every time you write the wrong answer, someone can stop you. Although, with the right answer, he will do the same.

The most responsible caretaker card index. The main thing is not to close the locker until it gets out, otherwise it will bring order in its own way.

The cat is always there, where the mouse ... At least in such an unusual way.

He, probably, asks to stroke him, or feed him ... But he does it very quietly and delicately.

Sometimes you plan to change the paper in the printer, and there it is! Apparently, it is necessary to make a short break for the seals.

It is better not to find a place for rest: heat from electrical appliances, and the beloved owner is always there.

The best study assistant. This is what is called real support.

Flowers on the desktop save from the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation. And cats - from the rest.

The owner moves his fingers so quickly, as if he wants to play! Well, how can he refuse?

Now everyone is literally on the Internet. Everything!