How to buy cheap airfares - 20 proven tricks


Hello! In this article I will talk about how to fly around the world as cheaply as possible, knowing a variety of tricks and techniques. The article was prepared for a long time and finally waited for the publication! All tips are based on our personal experiences or the experiences of our traveling friends.

Basic knowledge of booking flights

1. Meta-search engines

The most profitable way to buy tickets is through metasearch engines. They collect information from hundreds of airlines and offer you a choice in different price categories and with different conditions. The most popular search engines today are Skyscanner. and Aviasales. We use skyScanner. The competition among search engines is very high, so each service tries to offer some unique services.

For example, Skyscanner allows flexible search. To do this, it is not necessary to specify the country of arrival and any specific dates. You can view the best deals in all areas.

At the same time you can see the price of tickets for a whole month or even a year.

AviaSales offers another interesting feature - the “Low Price Calendar”, in which there are many interesting filters for selecting the most successful and suitable tickets.

At the same time you can see the price of tickets for a whole month or even a year.

Aviasales offers another interesting feature - the “Low Price Map”, in which there are many interesting filters for selecting the most successful and suitable tickets.

I admit honestly, I have never found tickets for Aviasales that are cheaper than Skyscanner, but for certain it is worth checking tickets in different search engines. Search engines do not take a commission for their services, so you can book through them calmly and without unnecessary burdens on the budget.

2. Price fluctuations

It is believed that the best price for air tickets is two months (50-60 days) before departure. The less empty seats in the plane - the higher their cost. Nevertheless, companies often arrange a variety of promotions and sales, so there is no clear pattern for the timing. Sometimes we see that closer to the date tickets are getting cheaper.

In general, can be identified three periods for buying the cheapest tickets: for a year, for two or three months, for a few days (last minute offers). The latter option is suitable for those who are ready for adventure, surprises and adventures, because There is no 100% guarantee that tickets will appear at all.

3. Back and forth

Buying tickets There and back again often cheaper than a one way ticket. It would seem that this is very strange and completely illogical, but it is. Therefore, many people buy a round-trip ticket just to save money, and the return ticket is simply thrown away. With all the delights of this fact, it is worth noting that the most low-cost airlines do not always offer this opportunity. Also, this scheme does not always work for very long distances.

4. Days of the week

As a rule, buying a plane ticket on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday is cheaper than on other days of the week. On weekends, flights are the most expensive. There is also a nuance about the time: it is believed that the prices for morning and night flights are cheaper. Therefore, when searching for tickets, see different departure time. Moreover, there is a dependence on the time at which you are looking for tickets! For example, booking air tickets at night or early in the morning before the start of the working day will be cheaper. Often, ticket prices are lower at this time and more choices.

5. Different dates

One more thing about dates. If you have no iron deadlines, be sure to look at the sentences on different dates. It often happens that even on neighboring dates the price of a ticket differs twice!

6. City of departure and arrival

The same applies to cities of departure and arrival. For example, many international flights are much cheaper when departing from Moscow, and not from St. Petersburg. Often, people living in St. Petersburg, buy tickets from Helsinki, and to him already get by land transport. By the time it is not very profitable, but it can significantly reduce transport costs on your journey. Try searching for flights from neighboring cities.

7. Loukosterov

Flights are very well developed today. on loukosterov - budget airlines. Unlike conventional airlines, they have many restrictions (for example, on baggage allowance), on-board service is not included in the ticket price, and it is almost impossible to return or exchange a ticket. But the main thing is that flying on low-cost airlines is really very cheap! In Europe, sometimes prices start from one euro! So, tickets priced at up to 10 euros between some European cities almost always have the airline Wizzair. Known for its staggering prices and the company KLM.

For more distant flights you need to look at different companies. A complete list of all the low-cost airlines in each continent can be found here. Next, you need to look for tickets on the airline's website.

8. Charter flights

Also in some cases you can fly on charter flights. Charter flights are flights that travel agencies book for their tours. If there are empty seats left on the plane, the agencies start selling plane tickets separately from the tours. As a rule, this happens shortly before departure, so these tickets are called "burning". Charter flights do not fly in all directions, but only on popular ones. But the flight on such a flight will be many times cheaper than on the regular regular flight.

Find a suitable flight on one of the sites:

  • Charter flights from the Alliance Oneaero-GoCharter (I use this site)
  • Flights for charter and regular flights
  • Company "CHARTERPAN"
  • Avia-Mir Company
  • All charters
  • Internet project ""
  • Professional tourist portal (section "Exchange")

9. Seasonality

The price of air tickets is very dependent onseasonality ". As a rule, in summer, during the holidays, on New Year's holidays, on May and November holidays (for the Russian Federation) flights cost more! But this primarily concerns popular destinations. Unpopular areas at any time of the year are more expensive due to their low demand.

10. Luggage

Do not take a lot of things with you, but if possible, limit your hand luggage. Behind baggage allowance some airlines charge extra. Exceeding the norm can also cost money. Before flying, be sure to read the rules of your airline, so as not to be misled.


Advanced Airline Booking Knowledge

11. Subscribe to news

If you have time, and you are preparing for the trip in advance, a good way to save on the flight - subscribe to news about price reduction for your chosen destinations. This functionality is a search engine Aviasales. To do this, you first need to search in the right direction, then, together with the search results, a window will appear with a subscription to a price reduction.

12. Newsletter

Generally experienced travelers are subscribed to a wide variety of mailings from airlines and search engines. Such mailings are usually devoted to discounts and promotions. This way you can be the first to find out about really cheap tickets, and book them right away. Go through the websites of airlines that fly to the regions you need and leave your e-mail address. One family we know so flies all over Europe for a penny. As soon as the action appears, they immediately book the tickets. And if suddenly it is impossible to fly to these dates, the tickets are simply thrown away. A ticket price of a few euros allows it.

At the same time, this method of saving has a significant disadvantage. Often, airlines under the auspices of promotional tickets send letters with regular prices. Because An ordinary traveler is hardly well-versed in prices and cannot determine whether the price is really reduced in this promotion. That is why all prices must be rechecked. We advise you not to subscribe to all mailings in a row, but only to verified ones.

  • A subscription to the sales is on the website of the search engine Buruki.
  • You can find a lot of the coolest tickets for air tickets in the group "Cheap tickets and ways to fly almost for free."
  • Interesting and real promotions are often placed in the group "Make a trip."
  • If you know any other cool resources, please share in the comments.

13. Different prices

Under this mystical number I want to tell you about one mysterious reception, which use a variety of sites to find air tickets. They say that this way of knocking out money from a buyer has not yet reached the Russian online market, but it's better to be on guard. This is called "separate pricing" or in other words "different prices for the same product for people with different incomes."

The price of an air ticket may be inflated in several cases:

1. You re-watch prices on those areas that have already been studied. On your computer remains the cache from most sites that you visit. This information is used by ticket search sites. They see that you have already watched these tickets, but have not bought them. So you hesitate to make a decision, and you need to hurry. Therefore, with each subsequent search for tickets to the same directions are more expensive. You start to panic and buy tickets with a surcharge.

To avoid this, see prices through the "Incognito" mode, which is easily included in any browser. Or personally clear the cache after searching for tickets.

2. You Apple Product Owner. It is a shocking fact, but websites can determine which device and which operating system you use to access the Internet. If you use a MacBook, which belongs to products of a high price category, then you are rich, and you can increase the price of a ticket for you. Abroad this technique is used constantly, and many owners of apple devices are indignant when they see real ticket prices. In the Russian-language Internet, this has not been noticed yet. I do not have an iPhone to check, so on occasion, you can test this item and write to us about the current situation.

To avoid this ridiculous situation, look for tickets from a computer / smartphone from another manufacturer.

3. You book a ticket from a rich country. For people with an IP address of the USA, Switzerland, Australia and other countries where the standard of living is very high, ticket prices will be higher. While in a prosperous, but secured Germany, prices will be adequate, since Germans are known for their inordinate rationality. Internet marketing is a serious thing that has long been learned to work with an online audience.

A good option to hide your data in the global network is an anonymizer. This is a special service that allows you to maintain anonymity on the Internet. There are a lot of sites with anonymizers, one of them is To work in anonymous mode, you must go to any of these sites and enter into a special form the site that you want to visit unnoticed.

In addition, some sites use such marketing techniquesas a flashing bright buttons with the words "there are two tickets left" or "this is the lowest price." Do not believe or panic. This is just a ruse, look for your tickets calmly.

14. Holidays

If you are planning a trip for the regular holidays, try using a good service from the search engine Buruki. This site has a section "Fly away for the holidays "where the aggregator lists the cheapest tickets for certain holiday weekends.

15. Bonus system

Most airlines have their own bonus systems for regular customers. This is usually in the accumulation of "miles" - a virtual currency for the flights that you have already made. Miles remain virtual until you accumulate enough to convert them into an absolutely real flight ticket. Thus, if you often fly the flights of the same airline, sooner or later you will be able to get a completely free ticket or even a few tickets only due to the bonuses that you have accumulated. This is the same as any other cumulative scheme, which is often offered to us in supermarkets, brand stores, and so on.

How it works? An example from personal experience

For a long time I was a member of the bonus program from Aeroflot. For every flight of Aeroflot and its partners, virtual miles were credited to my bonus account. I also received miles for purchases that I made on the City Bank card, because My card was tied to this bonus account. Many banks cooperate with Aeroflot. However, all large avikompaniy many partner banks.

In two years of such hoarding, I collected 14,700 miles. At the same time the cheapest flight in Russia cost 17,000 miles. I thought that I would save up the remaining 3,000 very soon, and miles also have an expiration date. Therefore, I transferred all my miles to the charity organization "Give Life". Such a transfer is very easy to make right in your account on the bonus program site. The Foundation spends these miles on flights for sick children who need surgery in another country.

But I know a few people who were more successful in this bonus program and flew several times for free. This is a great way to save on flights, if you can organize everything correctly.

Often, such programs have many pitfalls, so you should carefully study the rules when entering into any program. For example, to get bonuses, you need to have time to register your ticket in the system during a certain period from the moment of the flight and so on. At the same time there are nice little things. For example, some programs allow you to spend your miles not only on flights within the company, but also on a variety of purchases in stores that are partners of the airline, on hotel reservations or car rentals.

16. Transit

Many countries are cheaper to fly not directly, but with transit transfer. You can also use this option if you want to see many cities in a short time.

If you fly through Singapore with a long transit transit time, you can take advantage of the free city tours that Singapore Airport offers to those who are waiting for their flight.

You can pick up some very interesting transit options. The main thing is to be sure that for the selected countries you do not need a transit visa. When buying tickets online, the largest transit transfers can be up to a day and a half. During this time, you can take a good look around in the new city, see the main sights.

To increase the time of transit transplant, you can use a stopper. Stopper - This is the same transit stop, but stretched for up to three days. Many airlines offer a stopover service for free, others for an additional fee. With proper planning, you can make several flights in a row with stopovers. Get such a kind of avia-tour.

17. Two stages of flight

Another way to save is to division of flight into two stages: international and domestic. By the way, it works not only with airplanes, but also with all other types of transport. The bottom line is that from the initial point you need to fly to any city in the country of destination where the cheapest tickets are. And within the country, you can already get to the desired destination point either on domestic flights (it is always cheaper than international flights, you can also use local loukosteram), or by bus / train / hitchhiking. Practice shows that tickets even to neighboring cities can vary greatly in price, although the distance between them can be quickly and cheaply covered by a local bus.

18. Secondary airport

Going to major cities, give preference secondary airport (Luton in London or the Gironde in Barcelona). Smaller airports often have government subsidies and serve low cost airlines at low prices, which also affects the cost of tickets. Such airports, as a rule, have good transport provision, and getting from them to the city is easy. Although sometimes it can be quite difficult and expensive. How you will get from the airport to the city is worth considering in advance.

19. Transplant

As you know, usually a direct flight is more expensive than transfer flight. You can play on this, knowing some tricks. Let's take an example. You want to fly from Rio de Janeiro to La Paz. A direct flight costs $ 500. And the flight Rio de Janeiro - Lima, with a transfer in La Paz costs $ 400. You buy a ticket to Lima, but get off at La Paz. The main thing is to register the ticket not to the final destination, but to the transfer point. Also keep in mind that skipping any segment in the flight, you cancel this ticket. Therefore, if you bought a plane ticket in both directions and missed a segment when flying there, then you will not fly back on this ticket.

20. Shares of airlines

Before booking, check which regular shares have an airline. Many companies offer discounts to students, retirees and other categories of citizens. Зачастую для получения скидки нужно указать какой-то специальный код или ваш индивидуальный скидочный номер.

На этом у меня всё. Летайте безопасно, комфортно и дёшево! А в комментариях поделитесь с нами вашими хитростями о том, как поймать дешёвые авиабилеты!

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