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Beauties choose balayaz: 35 best examples


Balayazh is a favorite trend in hair coloring, which is preferred by “stars” and about which women of fashion speak so much.

Balayazh is not a special color, but rather the name of the coloring technique. Translated from French, it means a movement similar to a stroke of an artist’s brush with which he paints a canvas. No foil or cap through which strands are stretched - this style is already in the past. With free vertical strokes, the stylist gives the hair a shade that is lighter and more saturated at the ends of the hair. This effect is difficult to achieve for non-professionals at home, so the result always attracts attention: hair looks luxurious.

Balayaz specialists can use several colors at once, including the most unusual ones. For the time being we will discuss only more traditional shades, from the color of white chocolate to coffee. We have collected the most interesting photos of "stars" and fashionistas.

In winter, many beauties choose lighter shades.

Bright curls create the image of a girl angel and romantically frame the face, released from under the winter hat

Pearl barrels on straight long blond hair

Transformation of untidy dyed hair into amazing natural curls with balayazha

Sir Jessica Parker demonstrates soft latte shades on long hair

Shades of roasted chestnut and chocolate

Rich warm shades of mahogany mahogany on dark hair

Balayazh gives elegance to traditional bob cut

Cold shades in bright dark hair

Blondirovanie using the technique of balayazh

Traditional braid looks especially elegant on hair with complex multi-layered shades.

Pink and gold shades on light blond hair

Cold brown and silver shades

Balayazh gives Halle Berry a sporty and energetic look.

Warm honey and copper shades on brown hair create the effect of radiance.

Elegant and light honey notes

Espresso coffee balayazh with caramel tones

Multi-layered and deep copper-colored hair

Jennifer Lawrence chooses natural blonde balayazh, giving her hair the effect of sun-bleached hair

Gold and copper shades for brown-haired women

Blonde honey balayazh

Luxurious waves with shades of copper and brass.

This is what modern blonde with balayazh looks like. Hair looks natural and bright.

Brown hair has gained depth and grace with hints of autumn foliage

How long will it take for balayazha?

It depends on how many shades and colors you decide to choose. If you decide to give your hair a light sheen, it only takes a few minutes. For more complex deep tones, it may take 3 hours.

Balayazh on hair of medium length

Does balayaz require special care?

With coloring in this technique, the problem of preserving tones does not exist. Month after month, dyed hair looks natural and natural, and this is the best solution for busy women.

Contrasting transformation of very dark hair using balayazha

Cool silver-pink and bright platinum shades for brown-haired women

Fashionable color of pink gold in the hair, braided in this cute hairstyle in the style of boho

Soft toning for brunette

Spectacular pink and gold tones on light brown hair

Is balayazh suitable for any hair?

Best of all balayazh looks on light and dark hair. Length does not matter, although this style is most popular among women of fashion with long hair. Balayazh gives them a charming beach style.

How long does the balayaz effect last?

One of the advantages of balayazha is that it does not require careful maintenance, like the usual painting. It is enough to appear at the master for coloring approximately every 4 months.