Very simple, but beautiful and original cluster pattern on three needles.

If you want to knit textured volumetric patterns, but at the same time complex operations are not yet ready to be mastered, pay attention to a simple, but very effective cluster pattern. Even a newbie can handle it. The only condition that cannot be avoided is the third knitting needle. Although it can be replaced with a pin or a special device for a set of loops.

You will need:

  • A pair of knitting needles;
  • yarn of suitable thickness (the pattern looks better on soft fluffy threads);
  • the third needle, or a special device to support the dropped loops (as a last resort can be replaced with a pin)

Start knitting alternating rows of facial and purl loops. Then, in a staggered manner, clusters are tied up. They can be placed as in the example, squares. In this case, 3 rows are knitted, and then a cluster is formed. You can arrange them less often.

In the row where the beginning of the cluster will be, tie 6 loops + one hem.

Three of the knit loops are spread to the third knitting needle. The most convenient way is to use a special needle for lowered hinges. You can also use a regular safety pin, but it’s not very convenient to work with.

Now we begin to form a cluster. To do this, wrap the working thread around the three loops removed. Repeat this procedure 6 times.

You can do more repetition, then the cluster will be more dense and voluminous. Try to practice to figure out exactly how the pattern will look on your chosen threads. After that, you can more accurately calculate the desired number of repetitions.

After the cluster is ready, knit 6 more loops, three of which will be the basis for the next cluster. And so on until the end of the series.

This mating is very simple in design and is perfect for sweaters, a scarf or hats.