When there is very little space: convert the cluttered storage room into a comfortable room


The world does not stand still. Today, in order to earn bread and butter it is not at all necessary to get up early in the morning and go somewhere by public transport. Remote work has become part of the economy, and over time it will be more and more. And if you are one of those who made a choice in favor of a home office, you should seriously think about its improvement. In a small apartment is not so easy to find free space. There is a solution: re-equip your pantry.

Comfortable niche with natural light

Snacks under the stairs

Secret room

Another option is the organization of the office under the stairs. If necessary, your workplace can be hidden from outsiders.

Built-in wardrobe

The same principle can be used for a shallow cabinet or pantry. Work in daylight through the windows, and hide your computer outside the door for the evening.

Settle on the balcony

Many people use this room for storage. Instead of making another pantry from the balcony, place your desk on it.

Unusual neighborhood

Sometimes it is not possible to completely free the pantry from the pile of necessary things. There is an exit! Furniture, designed to order, will fit the desktop and computer among the shelves and racks.

Use retractable designs

If you have a very small storage room, and you need to fit the wide surface of the table, make it retractable. So you can place all the necessary equipment in a limited space.

Nothing extra

Space in the hallway

If your apartment has free space between the rooms, you can place your computer and your chair here. Be sure to spend good lighting so as not to strain your eyes during work.

Bright colors

Elegant solution

Use color zoning

Multifunctional furniture

The same comfortable chair can be used both for work and for gatherings with friends at the coffee table. You will only need to move it away and hide unnecessary objects from your eyes by closing the door.

home library

Use the space as much as possible!

Use interesting decorative techniques

Sunny yellow

And a few more ideas in the video: