Fashionable jeans with embroidery should not be expensive! A simple way to make your own jewelry.

Embroidery on jeans is a fashionable decoration, adopted by various brands of clothing. It is not necessary to spend money every season to buy a new thing; you can decorate classic denim trousers yourself. Embroidery gives things a spring mood, and may mask some defects in fabric. Find in the closet your favorite pair, ideally sitting on the figure, and begin the restoration!

For the project will need:

  • Jeans;
  • fabric embroidered;
  • scissors;
  • self-adhesive paper;
  • pins;
  • needle and thread;
  • iron

When you pick up the fabric with embroidery, calculate the required amount based on the area being processed. If you need a little emphasis on the hips - you can buy quite a bit. But if jeans need to mask holes and holes, buy more.

To begin with, the fabric should be treated with sticky paper. The most convenient way to do this is on a solid piece, and not on individual elements. Cut a piece of paper according to the size of the fabric.

The smelting iron is set at a low temperature (wool or silk) so that the paper sticks evenly.

Connect the adhesive part of the paper with the wrong side of the fabric. We need to transfer glue from paper to embroidery.

Treat the surface with a hot iron so that the paper is completely stuck. At this stage it should not be torn off!

Now it remains to cut the desired pattern. In this case, the embroidery itself was applied on denim, but you can take other options. In this case, remove all the fabric, except for the threads themselves that make up the pattern.

Lay out the pattern on jeans and fasten the individual elements with pins. If the side seams are not treated with reliefs, you can glue the flowers directly on them.

Before sticking the embroidery, remove the paper layer.

Fix the elements once again, and you can proceed to heat treatment.

Walk on the surface of the iron, gently pulling pins during operation.

On the thinnest parts of the pattern, the glue may not be enough. Fix such places with an ordinary hand stitch.

Enjoy your new trendy jeans of your own design!