Do you have the courage to see what is captured in these 25 photos?


The fear of the incomprehensible and unknown is familiar to almost everyone. Some things, from the mere mention of which on the back will pass an unpleasant chill, are really dangerous. But sometimes our imagination builds monstrous illusions from completely harmless creatures of mother nature. Check whether the objects and phenomena in these 25 pictures will cause your fear?

Behind the drywall layer, such a huge swarm of bees has settled that honey pours directly from the electrical outlet!

No, this is not an alien creature abandoned on our Earth, but only a mushroom with the Latin name clathrus archeri, also known as the “fingers of the devil”.

Here's how to choose the most daring perspective for a photo in Venice!

A firestorm shot at a very close distance is a delightful and dangerous sight!

What if nature jokingly creates legends about mermaids?

While driving, avoid places with flying circular saws! Naturally.

The Breast Cancer Foundation chose a pink ribbon as its emblem, and at the entrance to the building it was decided to make a pink fountain. But something went wrong, and the red-tinged water is a spectacle worthy of a terrible horror movie.

Monster from a terrible dream will settle in the house, if you do not calculate the installation of lighting.

Yes, it is a real living being! Meet: palm thief, he's a coconut crab, known for its enormous size and property to grab all edible, that "lies badly."

Hardened volcanic lava reminds open gates to hell!

One gets the impression that the sky is about to collapse right on the head!

It seems that this Spanish nanny shark, or nebria, will now ask in a human voice: “What do you want, older?”

Lightning struck this tree, it smoldered all night and the next day caught fire.

Have you seen this Amazon "cat"? A unique spectacle, is not it?

Huge clouds can be both beautiful and awesome!

Would you have the courage to ride on such a swing?

“One passenger asked me once why I was afraid of clouds. And I answered him simply: “Because the mountains love to hide behind them!”

Beautiful and reckless at the same time.

Good night, young climbers!

The picture, from which it begins to suck in the stomach ...

This fiery road is a sunset somewhere under the clouds. Powerful, beautiful and scary: is everything okay down there?

Only the brave obey the heights ...

That's how massive forest fires begin.

“My daughter is growing up a brave girl.”

Do you know how sperm whales sleep? They sleep upright, like this.

And for you there are things that can scare? How do you cope with fears: go against them or try to pass by?