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These places are teeming with bacteria! The most dangerous surfaces

When it comes to hygiene, you can imagine a lot of "dangerous" places. Many people in the imagination pops up a public toilet stall or handrail in the subway. But what if in our house there are surfaces on which the number of harmful bacteria exceeds the notorious rim of a toilet bowl tens or even thousands of times? Here are a few examples of places that really should be feared, and it is better to wipe as often as possible.

Kitchen board for cutting meat

No matter what material the cutting boards are made of, the number of bacteria on their surface is amazing. You can protect yourself by constantly processing kitchen utensils at high temperatures. In addition, be sure to have separate boards for cutting foods that are eaten without heat treatment, such as bread and vegetables.

Front door handle

This site is most often in contact with dirty hands. It is important to remember to wash your hands as soon as you cross the threshold of your apartment.

Old toothbrushes

The owners of the joint bathroom are most at risk. Many harmful bacteria move freely in humid air and can live for several hours. Do not forget to brush me at least once every three months, even if her bristles are in good condition. On the journey, it will not be superfluous to rub the brush with soap after brushing your teeth.

Computer keyboard or laptop

On the attached keyboard, bacteria are hundreds of times larger than under the rim of a toilet bowl. And when it comes to the laptop keyboard, which is also heated, the level of microorganisms can go off scale! Try not to eat behind the monitor and remove dust as often as possible with an ordinary brush.

Feather pillows

To sleep peacefully and serenely, it is better to give preference to synthetic filler, which is easy to wash yourself.

Carpet flooring

Previously, no apartment could do without a carpet. Unfortunately, every inch of soft coating accumulates a lot of bacteria and dust mites.

The surface of the desk

If we are talking about a table that is in the office, then there are more bacteria here than in the toilet. Maintain order in the workplace to make wet cleaning easier.

Mobile phone

In this case, the case in high temperatures: heating the phone promotes the proliferation of bacteria. The phone is often stored not in the most sterile places.


Unfortunately, those earned by honest means also turn out to be dirty ... If you often have to deal with cash, do not forget to periodically wash your hands. This can be considered another argument in favor of non-cash payment.

Ladies handbag

In addition to a mobile phone and money in a wallet, there are many small things that are not very often cleaned. If you want to reduce the number of germs, wipe the jars with cosmetics and wallet with antibacterial wipes.