It is better than any decor: create a charming mini-garden in a pot

Making a decorative garden is quite difficult, a beautiful greenhouse or a greenhouse is also not easy, and not everyone has the desire and the ability to induce beauty. And what do you say about creating a miniature version of the garden? In one big pot you can fit both trees, flowers, a gazebo, a fountain, and a rest area in general! Such a mini-garden in a pot will be a wonderful decoration of any room and, undoubtedly, the pride of the master who created it. Here you can show all your talents for gardening, the ability to see the beautiful and create unique and very beautiful green compositions.

In the mini-garden you can express and realize your vision of an ideal, cozy, quiet corner. And how charmingly such a pot looks in addition to simple indoor or outdoor plants! Undoubtedly, you need to try. Need to stock up on the elements of the future mini-garden and get to work!

Basic materials you will need:

  • spacious pot;
  • ground, drainage, sand;
  • plants to create a garden (optional): moss, myrtle, stone rose, money tree, cacti, dwarf ficus, pachyphytum, saxifrage, succulents, etc.
  • decorations: wooden sticks, pebbles, "sea" stones, puppet chairs and tables, gazebos (many miniature items can be found either in children's stores, or in stores with goods for animals, or in stores for creativity, or you can do it yourself).

Further work also provides general, basic recommendations for “assembling” a miniature garden in a pot:

1. Prepare a pot, thoroughly wash and process it after the store. Drain on the bottom.

2. Add ground sand.

3. Plant 1-2 “trees” that will be the largest in the garden.

4. Plant smaller plants around.

5. Decorate a pot in your vision. Here is a real space for imagination!

Let's admire the final beauty and other equally charming mini-gardens: