Design and Architecture

We make collages from photos of different sizes.

Furniture and furnishings dictate rules that must be considered when creating a collage from photos. We offer several harmonious layouts: above the sofa, above the table, above the fireplace, above the stairs.

Above the sofa High, symmetrical.

It is believed that the optimum height of placement of images - the so-called "museum", 152 centimeters from the floor. If we create a collage of photos, at this level we hang one or more large pictures that make up the center of the composition. Placing over the sofa or bed is the option when the frame should be hung a little higher: upholstered furniture creates an additional horizontal and slightly shifts the proportions of the wall. The vertical arrangement of the entire collage is suitable for a room with high ceilings. The sofa is usually in the living room, and for the living room it is better to choose large-format photos. A sofa is a symmetrical object in itself, moreover, it is often placed in the center of the wall, so in all the options for placing photos above the sofa there is a symmetry.

Over the dining table

At the level of sitting. In this case, a collage of photographs can, on the contrary, be placed just below the conventional norm, because they will come to the attention of people sitting at the table - let them be comfortable looking at the pictures. Well, if the area of ​​the wall area occupied by photographs will not go beyond the table or will only slightly exceed it. This will help to "collect" the composition, which will include the dining table itself. He is quite worthy, because the whole family is going to follow him.

Above the fireplace

You can not hang. Placing photos above the fireplace is a winning option in all respects. First, the framework can be put on the mantelpiece, it will eliminate the need to perforate the walls and invent a suitable mount. Secondly, if you nevertheless decide to hang out the photos, they can be “supported” by arranging the appropriate accessories on the shelf. For example, if the photo shows nature views, they should be supplemented with flowers or branches, a vase or a candlestick with plant motifs - you will get a single composition. A fireplace is usually part of a classic or vintage interior. Symmetry is characteristic of these styles, therefore photographs should be hung symmetrically.

Above the stairs "Steps".

Placing a collage of photos, focusing on the traditional shape of a square or rectangle, in this case is not recommended - it will seem that the frames hang unevenly. Placing pictures "by the steps" will not only facilitate their viewing, but will also emphasize that it will help to beat such an interesting and important part of the interior as the stairs. The ladder dictates its own rules. We play her game, but do not forget about the principles, without which the composition will look sloppy. We also have rules: the intervals between the frames are the same, the photos inside the collage horizontally and vertically are aligned with the central frame - the semantic center of the whole composition.