On a journey with comfort: walking backpacks for four-legged friends

More recently, walking your favorite purr was only possible in the immediate vicinity of the house. It was necessary to transport cats over considerable distances in cages or boxes with specially made holes. Representatives of the New York-based company U-Pet managed to change the situation radically. Thanks to the appearance of the Cat Feature Bubble Window backpacks, you can never part with even your favorite ones when traveling. At the same time, cats are provided not only with an adequate degree of comfort, but also with the opportunity to observe the world around.

Own "crew" for the cat brethren

Backpacks for walking with cats are comfortable and practical. In the construction of a sufficient number of ventilation holes, and the window-porthole has a spherical shape.

Fluffy darling feels completely protected. There is no cause for concern.

The models are immaculately thought out not only from the outside, but also from the inside.

Manufacturers did not stop at one model. The range of carriers is constantly expanding.

If desired, such a carrier can be used for small dogs, the main thing is to choose a model of a suitable size.