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I bet you have never seen these 20 products grow


Every day there are many different foods in our diet, but sometimes we even have no idea how most of them grow! For example, have you seen pineapples growing in the grass or stalks with sesame seeds? No?

Then look and be surprised to find out what your favorite products look like before they were ripped off, packed and beautifully laid out on the supermarket shelves!

1. Asparagus grows right in the ground.

2. Capers are plant buds.

3. Almonds are seeds in wooden shells that grow on trees.

4. This is what wasabi looks like.

5. Kiwis grow on vines like grapes.

6. Pineapples grow on such bushes.

7. Sesame.

8. This is how Brussels sprouts grow.

9. Artichokes are flowers! The part we eat is the buds.

10. Peanuts grow in the ground.

11. Cashew nuts grow on these fruits.

12. Celery also grows in the ground.

13. Papayas, like bananas, grow in clusters.

14. Cinnamon is the dried inner part of the bark of this tree.

15. This is what saffron looks like!

16. Eggplants are berries! Purely technically ...

17. Broccoli is the color of the plant!

18. And this is peppercorns!

19. Chickpeas grow in these small pods.

20. Dates grow on long branches of palm trees.